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HLD-station Components

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UV Shield
Glass lid
Glass lid

Resin lid

Resin lid

HLD-system components

Full immersion HLD, Air leak Tests and Dry Storage. 

BOROSILICATE GLASS TUBES: The key element in this system is the Borosilicate glass  that is the most desirable material for the microbiologically sensitive container vessels. The full immersion tube holds 430 ml of fluid for complete immersion of the nasopharyngoscope of all brands. One of the short tubes can be used for wet air leak test as well as to hold the disinfected scope in clean water between the patients. The last tube is open at both ends and provides place to perform dry air leak test as well as a well ventilated longterm storage of the scope. 

Lid: A well fitting lid over the disinfectant solution prevents evaporation thereby protecting the office environment and providing economical savings. Glass lid is aesthetically pleasing but the Resin lid is significantly less expensive yet break proof if dropped accidentally. 
Shield: Polycarbonate shield provides UV protection to minimize the photodrgradation of the disinfectant solution. It is also an aesthetically pleasing attribute. 
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