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Enzyme / Rinse Protocol

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Sponge Rub 
Sponge squeeze.gif

Sponge Squeeze

Pre and Post HLD Rinses

    Nasopharyngoscope is often soiled not only with tenacious nasal secretions but also dry and fresh blood. A scrub with enzyme impregnated sponge and thorough rinse under running water is a pre-requisite protocol. Repeated rubbing action from the body to the tip of the flexible bundle often leads the wrinkling and cracks in the rubber sheath over the distal mobile segment of the scope. It is suggested that the removal of the debris be performed with step wise squeezing of the sponge from proximal to the distal end of the flexible limb to avoid damage to the instrument. 

   Rinsing of the entire body and the flexible limb should be performed under running water; preferably through a non-touch faucet.

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