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Ergonoic Design


Workspace design, efficiency and safety

A choice between horizontal Tub and vertical tube

Reprocessing a delicate fiberoptic linear bundle; with a heavy optics attaches at one end; is a delicate process fraught with the potential of damage to the expensive equipment and the safety of the office environment. And performing this task efficiently multiple times between each patient through a day is a real balancing act. Plastic tubs for the leak test and high-level disinfection (HLD) require counter space, allow evaporation of the carcinogenic chemicals into the work airspace, and permit undesirable movements of the equipment with potential damage to the fiberoptic bundle of the scope. A vertical glass tube system with lid is conforms to eh shape of the Nasopharyngoscope, saves space, complies with workplace safety requirements, and protects the equipment from damage; all in one ergonomically designed HLD-Station.

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