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Full v/s Partial Immersion HLD


A debatable topic

    High level disinfection with complete immersion of the heat sensitive endoscopes with instrument channels is a well established protocol for the prevention of nosocomial infections. These instruments are usually used in the low patient turnover institutions and clinics with the facilities and personnel dedicated to the process. However, there are no guidelines from any administrative agencies regarding the reprocessing protocol of the flexible nasopharyngoscope without any channels; a tool used to provide standard-of- the-care service in a high turnover environment of the community based individual practitioners with limited financial and geographic resources. Several recent studies have revealed 70% compliance with the requirement of HLD with full immersion; however in reality this number is significantly lower. Despite the common practice of disinfecting these scopes with the immersion of the flexible limb only, there is no evidence of high incidence of nosocomial infections through the endoscopic examinations in the community based Otolaryngology practices. 

    HLD-Station configurations offer the opportunity to be fully compliant with the safety requirements in the high patient turn over environment without the need of financial investments in multiple scopes to meed the demands in a cliic. 

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